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The Murphy's Music Center Rental Program is a rent-to-own program that will allow you to obtain the highest quality instrument available for a very low monthly fee. 100% of your rental payment is applied toward the price of your instrument plus PA Sales Tax. When the balance reaches zero, you own the instrument. If, at any time during the contract, you decide you no longer wish to rent, you may return the instrument and your payments simply stop. Rent-to-own customers may choose to receive a payment coupon book or to enroll in our AutoPay system for automatic payments via Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

In the case of fractional strings, you may rent the size that your student needs, trading up as necessary. Once they are ready for a full-size instrument, we will apply 50% of the rental fees you have paid toward a full-size instrument of the same type. 

To begin a new rental contract, please select the appropriate District, School, Teacher and Instrument. If you do not see your school, please call 724-842-8671 for assistance.

Once you have selected your instrument type, you may choose whether you would like a New instrument or a Rental Return. New instruments are just that - Brand New! Rental Return instruments are instruments which another customer has returned because they no longer wish to play. When we receive a Rental Return, we make all necessary repairs to put it in top playing condition. We then clean and sterilize the instrument and case and make it available for rent. We deduct what the last customer(s) has paid toward a Rental Return instrument from the price of a New instrument and start your contract at that price. You pick up where the last customer left off! The monthly payment will be the same, but you will pay it off much sooner. Prices vary and Rental Returns are limited by availability, so act quickly if this option interests you. 

We realize you have many options when it comes to musical instruments.

Thanks for choosing Murphy's!

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